about US

We built First Hectares Capital to team-up with governments, impact investors, local entrepreneurs, and all stakeholders, to organize infrastructure projects.

We integrate “soft” infrastructure solutions in our approach – laws and policies, finance, operations, social inclusion, environmental conservation, and security.

We call it “first hectares” because your first steps will make or break your project. We have seen and experienced the heavy cost of unmitigated risks. And we know from first hand experience that modern, efficient infrastructure is the prerequisite of global competitiveness for African and Middle East enterprises, including small farmers.

The values of First Hectares Capital are reflected in the book Africa Risk Dashboard (www.riskdashboard.org).

We invite you to carefully consider partnering with us on your national or regional plans. We have assembled a world class team and we organize this team under a “single window” framework in order to get projects organized and executed according to plan.